2S visit The Spinney

On Friday, we had our first Year 2 trip to the Spinney. This is helping our science learning about Living Things and their habitats.

At the Spinney we found lots of different living things including worms, woodlice, toads and millipedes. We learnt that during Winter months toads hibernate on dry land under big objects such as logs as they are unable to breath underwater like frogs. We also had lots of fun making mud pies, water potions and building the River Thames in the mud!

Take a look at our photos. Can you spot any of the living things we saw? Can you remember where we found them? Leave your thoughts in a comment on this post… 

Magical Mindfulness

This term we have been practicing Mindfulness as a strategy to calm our minds.

On Wednesday we completed this exercise and really enjoyed it because we had to count our breaths. Can you share this Mindfulness exercise with someone at home?

Leave their feedback in a comment on this post…

South London Synagogue

On Monday, Year 2 visited South London Synagogue to support our learning about Judaism.

We met David and he showed us around his Synagogue. We learnt about the ten commandments and the importance these rules have in his religion. David transformed one of our friends into a rabbi, he was wearing a kipper and a prayer shawl whilst reading the Torah using a Yad. David also explained to us about the importance of the Star of David and a Menorah.

Take a look at our gallery. Can you remember any of the ten commandments? Can you describe something you saw inside the Synagogue?  Leave your thoughts in a comment below… 

Ready, Steady, Blog!

We are pleased to announce that we have now rectified the technical issues that led to the delay in our class blogs being active and linked to our school website.

Now that we are back with a bang, don’t forget to check in with us regularly to see how well we are achieving across the curriculum and to keep up to date with all the happenings in each class.

We look forward to welcoming your comments and will be announcing a ‘Blog of the Week’ in each newsletter.

So what is left to say other than… ready, steady, blog!

Year 2 visit Brixton

This week we visited Brixton to support our learning about Windrush and SMSC Value: Celebrate Diversity.

First, we stopped at  Windrush Square to recognise the important contribution the African Caribbean community has on the area. We then walked to Brixton Market where we were set a challenge. This was to buy anything that was not from the UK. We had to talk to shop keepers to find out where different foods come from and use our Maths knowledge to give the correct coins. Back at school, we collected all our items together to teach each other exotic new foods. We then completed an observational drawing before tasting all the delicious foods. 

Take a look at our album. Can you remember the names of any of the food? Can you remember where they came from? What was your favourite thing to eat? Why? Leave your thoughts in a comment below… 

Roald Dahl Day!

This week 2S will be joining the worldwide celebrations for Roald Dahl Day on Thursday 13th September 2018!

As a class we have decided to read…

See the source image

Why can’t Charlie buy a chocolate bar everyday? How does Charlie know about the chocolate factory? Who is Willy Wonka in the story? Do you like him? Why? Please leave your thoughts by commenting on this post…

If you want to join in more of the Roald Dahl fun take a look the official website: